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In-Home Pediatric Occupational Therapy and More!

Free Phone Consultation

Are you curious about your child's development or performance? A free phone consultation will help you determine if your child would benefit from occupational therapy. 


A comprehensive assessment is the first step to learn about your child's strengths and challenges. Your chid's ability to fully participate in daily life will be evaluated by looking at his/her gross motor skill, fine motor skill, visual skill and sensory processing skill development. You will receive an in-depth evaluation report with personalized goals tailored to your child's needs.

Individualized Treatment Sessions

Treatment plans are developed based on the measurable goals created during the initial evaluation. Sessions are individualized to best meet your child's needs and interests. Treatment sessions are  delivered in your home or child's daycare to ensure a child-friendly, family-centered, play-based, comfortable environment.  Parent and caregiver participation is encouraged at every session.

Dana specializes in:

  • Developmental Delay

  • Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Autism

  • Feeding therapy

  • Infant and toddler sleep

Early Intervention

Families with children birth to three years with concerns about their child's development can take advantage of the Early Intervention program offered by the state of Illinois. Dana is an Early Intervention provider. 

Education and Consultation

Dana provides educational and consultative opportunities to help parents, caregivers, educators and other healthcare professionals better understand children. She offers individual consultation and group workshops on various topics related to how to best support children in their development. You do not need to be a current client to schedule education or consultation services. This service is offered in-person or by phone. 

New Mom Support

Occupational therapists (OTs) offer a unique perspective in helping women transition into the role of a mom. By addressing the physical, emotional and psychosocial health during this transformation, OTs can close the gap in the maternal healthcare model by bringing the focus back to mom instead of just baby during the postpartum period. Being a new mom herself, Dana combines her professional identity as a pediatric occupational therapist and experience in motherhood to offer support and coaching to new moms. You do not need to be a current client to schedule education or consultation services. This service is offered in-person or by phone. 


Zumbini is a music and movement program designed for children birth through 4 and their caregivers. The program promotes social, emotional, cognitive and motor development, as well as caregiver/child bonding. Dana is a licensed Zumbini instructor and is available to run single classes, multiple class sessions and birthday parties

Toy and Play Consultations

Dana offers toy and play consultations for parents looking to find the perfect toy for their child's age, the best toys for each developmental stage and ways to incorporate sensory play into everyday life. Walk away with individualized toy recommendations and resources to help your child reach milestones. ​Consultations are currently being offered via Zoom. 

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